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Texas - August 29th & 30th
posted: September 2nd, 2009

The Lone Star State has been good to us. Strip steak. Barbeque. Great crowds. An unexpected lack of desert terrain (surprisingly, less than 10% of the state is desert). I suppose I fell victim to a romanticized idea of the second largest state in the U.S - but I was charmed, nonetheless.

The crowds in both Dallas and Houston were a boisterous bunch; an enthused audience of some of the most devoted Mode fans. Every lyric hung on the lips of almost every single person in each crowd. A strong sense of thrill permeated the audience at both venues (Superpages in Dallas and Woodlands Pavilion in Houston). It could have been the beating heat and humidity but I'm almost certain it was because they were watching anther jaw-dropping performance by our favorite boys.

See you in Atlanta!



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