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Somewhere In Germany

Somewhere in Germany...
posted: June 11th, 2009

On my way home for a bit of R&R. Two shows in and I am already aching all over. Anyway... Depeche played to a packed Olympiastadion in Berlin last night. The renovated site of the 1936 Olympics (where Jesse Owens made history) proved a great setting for a great gig. Despite the best efforst of M83 and Polarkreis 18 to get everyone pumped up and ready, it did take the audience a bit of time to warm up. But dammit did they make up for it in the last two thirds of the show. Every song was greeted with a roar, and the energy in the place was simply amazing.

Former label mates and old time friends of Depeche, Nitzer Ebb was in the house, which spawned an impromptu addition of a few lines from "Lightning Man" being added to the lyrics of "Enjoy The Silence", making the LiveHereNow recording from this show an instant must-have! Dave also dedicated "Never Let Me Down Again" to Doug and Bon.

The after show party was a good bit of fun. In addition to the usual suspects, I'm sure I spotted Richie Hawtin, Dave Gooday and the members of A-Ha there.



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