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Zentralstadion, Leipzig
posted: June 7th, 2009

Sitting in Leipzig's Zentralstadion, enjoying the few rays of sun that's finally breaking through. It's been raining pretty much non-stop since we arrived yesterday. Hopefully the weather will clear up nicely before tomorrow's show.

We arrived almost exactly 24 hours ago, to find the basic stage almost finished. As I said in an earlier posting it's an impressive bit of engineering - a gigantic puzzle. It takes a team of 30 people almost 3 days to build the thing - and that's just the basic stage. The lighting, PA, video and everything else comes after that. There's so much stuff happening at any one time it's hard to really keep up.

Spent most of the day yesterday and this morning doing photos and video of the construction, which I'll send over shortly - with a little luck they'll be appearing alongside this very blog entry.

Random observation: the stage-left speaker stack went up as I was writing this and the stage-right video screen, is going up as I type. Will jot down some more random thoughts and observations later.



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