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posted: July 1st, 2009

An almost unbearable heat meant a lot of walks out back to grab bottles of cold water - a trip that was made increasingly dangerous, as Dave took to racing golf carts around the the place. A regular Dennis the Menace that guy - damn near ran me over... twice!!

Tonights show was nothing short of amazing. Best one yet, by my count. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what made this show stand out - everything just kind of came together perfectly. The crowd was on fire from start to finish, the band were in high spirits and rocking, Dave was all smiles throughout and the sound was simply spot.

Not even a mystery-technical glitch, that temporarily shut down the PA for about 10 seconds during the epic part of "Never Let Me Down Again" could detract from the experience. If anything, it just added to it.

What a night!



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