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posted: June 30th, 2009

There was a red devil running around catering today. Not quite sure what that was all about... perhaps the food was devilishly good today? Motor went down a storm, and was completely over the moon after their set. Great to see the Depeche crowd embracing them. Seems Depeche made the right choice in inviting them along.

I had my family come down for the show, so we were all sat together. First time I watched the show from a seated position - seeing the floor turn into this massive moving thing during stompers like "A Question Of Time" and "Enjoy The Silence" was simply awesome. Weird how a different position in the venue makes one notice and appreciate different things.

Local heros, and 'special guests' during Touring The Angel, The Raveonettes, came back after the show to say hi. Lovely!



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