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posted: June 23rd, 2009

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday in Bratislava was a bit of a nightmare to be honest. The venue was awful, the weather was awful, and the local stage hadn't been built to the band's specifications resulting in a stressed out atmosphere the whole day and all sorts of technical problems.

A leaky "roof" on the side of the stage gave way to the massive amounts of water, and soaked a mixer, killed about 10 channels of audio, and left show opener MOTOR on stage playing with no audio on or off stage for a bit. Depeche Mode had to ditch the video sphere because the stage that had been provided wouldn't hold the weight of the entire rig.

But it was a good show - the crowd was on fire despite being soaked!! Absolutely mental.

Today, in Budapest was much nicer weather (during the day), a lovely venue and much better facilities. The stage was as it should be, which really did make a lot of difference.

The show itself was yet again fantastic. "Jezebel" was back on the set list and a "special" version of "Master & Servant" showed it's face - Dave fumbled the lyrics, and left the singing to the crowd for almost the entire song (he did thank them for their valiant efforts). Anton Corbijn was out taking pictures today, so looking forward to seeing the fruits of his labor. Till then you'll have to settle for mine.



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