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Bogota - October 10th

Bogota - October 10th
posted: October 13th, 2009

Colombia's Passion. When I first heard that term, I thought it was a reference to the seemingly enthusiastic hearts of the country's people. Turns out, the government of Colombia has recently adopted a planned strategy to revitalize its image abroad and to help bring tourism to its historic land and foreign investment to its growing infrastructure. As such, a plethora of major music artists have chosen Colombia as a stop on their touring routes, including Depeche Mode.

Our gig at the Parque Simon Bolivar in mid-town Bogota was one of our strongest and most vivacious yet! The crowd had been faithfully anticipating the Mode's arrival to Colombia for years and for that night, everyone finally let out a collective breath. With the crowd chanting, "Fletcher, Martin, David," the pulsating tone was set for the rest of the magical night.


See you in Lima!



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